Make your party look great
with your choice of effects
You can really personalize the look
of your next event with
BBD Productions aka DJBillyDe
by using Up lighting, Dance Floor Lighting


American DJ's Quad Phase
is designed to fill a room and
dazzle a crowd with it's 160 razor
sharp beams of light.
This technologically advanced
moonflower features a homogenized
10W 4-in-1 quad color LED source
(RGBW). Offering twice as many
majestic colors as a TRI LED,
the Quad Phase produces
up to thirteen colors in all.

Swarm 4FX
The perfect mixture of 3 LED
lighting effects in one compact
housing. Dual LED moonflowers
fill the floor with multi-colored
spinning beams of light,
as the ultra-bright LED strobe ring
creates energy with built-in
motion effects, and if that was not
enough, dual red and green lasers
produce thousands of razor-sharp
beams of light.


Beautiful decorative lighting that
will turn even the most plain room
into something truly special.
You can choose a single color
or gently fade between several
colors or bathing the walls in a soft
romantic glow.
The colors are programmable
and can even be adjusted to match
theme colors
up to 26 Available
$30.00 each light (4 minimum)
10 or more $20.00 each


Various programs:
the four tunnel laser beam is
compages, more than
100 laser patterns, over 300 laser effects.different working
modes has different program.


Chauvet Fallout
is a multi-colored effect light
that radiates mind-blowing
rotating beams. Rings of red, green
and blue light emanate from this
uniquely housed fixture.
The motor motion and LED
control give an ever-changing
array of effects.

DJ and Speeaker Screens